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Friday, September 21, 2007


Full lunch bag moment

Thomas with lunch bag
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Emily and I dropped Thomas and his lunch bag off at school today. This lunch bag holds a special place in our family. Mike bought it for work when we first started going out. He took his lunch in it for at least several weeks, perhaps longer.

Now it's the lunch bag I use to hold Thomas's lunch, which usually consists of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a banana or apple, and a juice box.

Full lunch bag moment.


I've been enjoying art museums lately. Last week I went to the SF MOMA to see the Olafur Eliasson Take Your Time exhibit. I also caught the Matisse Painter as Sculptor exhibit. I recommend getting the audio tour if you visit the exhibits (I recommend this for any exhibit at any museum) -- it was helpful in explaining the intention behind many of Eliasson's works, which can seem very abstract and yet they are supposed to be interactive. In my uneducated opinion, interactive exhibits don't work in a venue where it's taboo to touch things. Interactivity in the museum setting is contrived and lame under the watchful eye of museum guards. The opportunity to leave comments about his pieces on a special blog is interesting, but I still would rather see Eliasson's work in his studio or at Burning Man.

I very much liked the Matisse exhibit because it was a retrospective of sorts and showed how his sculpture evolved over his lifetime and the impact it had on his later works of collage and paper cut outs. Again, I learned a lot from listening to the audio tour.

Today I visited the Legion of Honor in San Francisco's Lincoln Park. I had to take some pictures outside the museum because the weather was just gorgeous. The Rembrandt to Thiebaud: A Decade of Collecting Works on Paper exhibit was interesting and I recognized some of the photographs and prints. I also cruised through the museum's main collection of European paintings and decorative art.

I think the next museum on my list is the de Young, which is hosting the Nan Kempner: American Chic exhibit that my inner fashionista is dying to see.


It's raining here right now and it's supposed to rain tomorrow, too. I'm looking forward to a relaxing Saturday and maybe an out-of-town fieldtrip with the kids on Sunday. Happy weekend to you.