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Monday, September 10, 2007


Living a life with less gray and more driving

Today was a rather typical school day around these parts. Mike stuck around to drive Thomas to school, which starts at 8:00, and I worked out before dropping off Emily at her school at 9:00. I love it when I get my workout in early in the day; there's less chance I'll skip it! After dropping Emily off, I went to Trader Joe's to stock up on food for the week, mostly fresh veggies, fruits, cheeses, yogurt, and meats. I've noticed that it's easy to feel good about myself and my family's eating habits after shopping at Trader Joe's. I need to shop there more often.

After returning home and putting away the groceries, I dyed my hair. Did you know that the American people are currently fighting a war over going gray? Apparently, it's the war you fight when you're done fighting in the mommy wars. I'm sure one day I'll stop dyeing my hair, but it might not be for another decade. In fact why don't I declare right now that when I turn 49, I will go gray for my 50th birthday, much like writer Anne Kreamer did. How exciting! My first goal for the year I push 50.

After picking up Emily at 12:00 and Thomas at 12:30, we met my friend Jen and her daughter for lunch in downtown Burlingame. Thomas was cranky and tired; preschool wears him out and he would have loved a nap, but Emily had art class at 1:45 so the timing wasn't right. While our older kids were at art class, Jen and I went for a walk with Thomas in the stroller. The weather is nice this time of year; warm but not hot. A perfect day for a mid-afternoon stroll.

The kids aren't used to this staggered life of his-n-her schedules we now are living. We're spending more time in the car, either driving or waiting for something to happen. I knew that one day this is exactly what my life would be like. I am a pre-soccer mom, a driver of kids, a keeper of time. I suspect the kids will adjust. I will put books, water, and Wheat Thins in the car to ensure a high happiness factor.

After art class, we bid adieu to our friends and came home to relax, check email, watch Tivo'd Wonder Pets!, and make dinner. Tonight I served store-bought roast chicken with Trader Joe's Potato Medley and steamed corn on the cob. Dinner was good, but the best part came later when I carefully picked all of the meat off the chicken carcass and cobbled together a most delicious chicken salad. I mixed the shredded chicken with mayo, stone ground mustard, sweet onion, celery, minced garlic, seasoning salt, and dried basil. Yum.

It's the kind of chicken salad that inspires a picnic in the park, the kind of chicken salad I can plan a day around. Tuesdays are our fun day, when we've got nothing to do except whatever we want; tune in tomorrow night to find out what we did and where we went.

Oh, and a happy Tuesday to you, too!