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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Goodbye, last day of summer

Both kids start preschool tomorrow. I've got their outfits set out and breakfast fixings on the counter. After eating our oatmeal and getting dressed, I'll take a photo of the kids standing at the front door. Emily is an old pro at preschool, but it will be Thomas's first day. He's going to a different school and I need to pack him a lunch. It will be the first brown bag lunch I've made in my career as a mom. A milestone, for sure.

We've had a great summer, starting with our family vacation to Disneyland and Los Angeles. Also in June my aunt Davida, cousin Michael, and niece Jessica visited for Emily's 4th birthday blowout where the Hipwaders performed.

After celebrating the 4th of July here in our neighborhood, we went on a camping trip with my Mothers Club. I took the kids on a mini vacation to Monterey in mid-July, then went by myself to the BlogHer conference in Chicago. The kids got their first taste of summer camp and loved it.

August was spent suffering and recovering from a gastrointestinal bug as well as preparing for our biggest family adventure to date: the Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada. Stop, drop, and roll, baby! This summer we also went on field trips to San Francisco, Hidden Villa, Children's Discovery Museum, Coyote Point Museum, and various local parks.

I took photos to document all of these events and more, which is good because without them I probably wouldn't remember what happened yesterday, let alone three months ago!

I think I'm ready for Fall. Are you?