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Sunday, September 09, 2007


New (school) year resolutions

I, Mary Tsao, mother of Emily Tsao and Thomas Tsao, hereby resolve to:

  1. Start each school day in a good mood.

  2. Do as much as I can the night before school days to avoid crazy morning run-arounds. This includes making sure clothes are clean, setting out outfits for those who don't hate it when I do this, and making sure we've got lunch and breakfast fixings.

  3. Check the calendar the night before to make sure any paperwork is ready or special needs are met.

  4. Wake up early enough to get the kids out of the house without yelling and freaking out.

  5. Make sure each kid gets something in his or her stomach for breakfast, whether it's oatmeal (good) or wheat thins (better than nothing).

  6. Drop each child off with a smile, hug, and kiss, while they still don't mind being seen kissing me.

  7. Make it a point to smile and say "Good morning," "Thank you," or something else that is friendly and nice to their teachers at drop off and pick up.

Tomorrow is our third day of school and so far, so good. I like Thomas's teachers, and he's jumped into the land of preschool without a backward glance. It feels natural returning to Emily's school for her second year, and I like knowing most of the other moms and having already established relationships with her teachers.

The school year hold lots of promise!

P.S. The front patio is clean and as a bonus, so is the playroom. The Tsao family had a productive Sunday! Hope your weekend was as fabulous as you are.