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Saturday, September 08, 2007


Saturday tidbits

Gilroy Gardens
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We're going to be part of a Flat Stanley project for a 5th grade class in Wisconsin! Daisy hooked us up. This excites me, and I wonder what it means that I'm already thinking of where we will go and what kind of fun we'll have with our Stanley. It's like hosting an exchange student but without the high phone bills or homesickness.

Too bad Stanley wasn't with us today, when we visited local amusement park Gilroy Gardens, formerly known as Bonfante Gardens for those of you who grew up in the San Jose/Gilroy area. I've been meaning to go to this place for years, but today was the first time I could talk Mike into joining us. It was fun! The weather was perfect, sunny but not too hot, and the place wasn't crowded at all. It's expensive to get in and I suggest you bring your own food and drink, or eat before you go. The food is outrageously expensive, e.g., $6.00 for a hot dog. But the rides are perfect for preschoolers and there's also a number of water features. If it's hot, definitely bring a bathing suit and towel with you. All in all, a great place and worth the hour-long trek from our home. Pictures on Flickr.

The kids and I have finalized our travel plans for October. We're no longer going to New York; neither a family trip nor a me-n-kids solo trip worked out. Instead we're going to New Mexico for the fifth anniversary of my aunt Paula's death. We'll be joining my aunt Davida and visiting my cousin Rachel, her partner Matt, and their kids Louise and Julianna. We'll also be seeing my uncle David and cousin Ben and I'm sure a lot of old friends.

Over the Halloween holiday, we'll be hosting Grammie Martha. The kids and I sat down with some catalogs and decided that Emily will be Dora and Thomas will be Diego. I have their costumes on order. My mom and I will be witches. The kind who look like normal women but who wear pointy black hats.

I've declared tomorrow Burning Man Clean-up Day -or- The Day That All of The Dusty Crap on My Patio Will Get Cleaned and Put Somewhere Day. I'm going to start immediately following my morning cup of coffee. Wish me luck!