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Thursday, September 20, 2007


Someone productive this way comes

I wasn't really all that productive today, but I like the title of this post. I've got Halloween on my mind, which may seem unnatural given that it's only September and that Halloween isn't happening for over a month. But you know me; I don't like to be caught unprepared for any major holiday.

Besides, when you're a kid Halloween is a holiday that lasts the entire month of October. It starts with pumpkin patch fieldtrips, moves on to parades and parties at school, and ends with that hallowed day when you face your fears about talking to strangers and traipse through your neighborhood with sack in hand, ringing door bells in the hopes of getting fistfuls of chocolate.

In preparation for the month-o-Halloween, the kids practiced trick-or-treating today. They held up their bags to me and said in their most saccharine-sweet of voices, "trick or treat!" They were so cute I had to gift them a few jelly beans. (I'm saving the chocolate for after they go to bed.)

I actually owed them the jelly beans as a bribe for posing for a picture suitable for our Halloween card. I took photo after photo of the children in various stages of grimacing and bouncing around, all the while saying things like, "Be still! Look at me! Smile nicely or you're not going to get any jelly beans!"

When it comes to holiday photos, I'm a total mommy dearest.

After taking 53 photos, deciding 6 were contestants, and uploading 3 to Shutterfly, I finally decided on the one that will grace the cover of our Halloween card. I know you're dying to see it, but you'll have to wait until October 31, unless you're one of the nineteen lucky family members who will be receiving a card in the mail sometime in mid October.

Oh, and I finished the October newsletter for my mothers club and got it off to the printer. Compared to trying to take a non-blurry photo of two preschoolers, that was a piece of cake.