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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Pumpkin patch and pony ride

Fieldtrip to Arata's Farm
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We're adjusting to being home after our whirlwind trip to New Mexico. Yesterday I went with Emily and her class to a pumpkin patch fieldtrip. We went to Arata's Farm in Half Moon Bay, the site of last year's fieldtrip from hell. This year the experience was 1000 times better. Being in charge of only one child (Thomas was in school and didn't come with us) was key, plus I knew where I was going and only got a little lost getting there instead of a lot.

Emily also had something of a minor breakthrough. Remember how she dislikes activities that are new to her? I spoke with her teacher about it and she suggested that I speak with Emily about the activity beforehand and explain what will be expected of her. I did that on the way to the pumpkin patch, telling Emily that there would be an opportunity to ride a pony there and asking her to remember when Thomas rode a pony at a friend's birthday party. I also told her that I went on a pony ride when I was little and it was a little scary but also a lot of fun. I don't know if the pep-slash-prep talk worked, but when it came time to ride the pony, Emily was the first one in line. I was completely shocked and so proud!

Today was a mellow day and the three of us hung around home, alternating between cleaning and relaxing. Tomorrow I'm helping Emily's class with a tie-dye project, then I've got a parent-teacher meeting for Thomas, and tomorrow night we pick up Grammie Martha from the airport. We'll be pretty busy in the days leading up to Halloween. We've got a party tomorrow night and another one on Tuesday. On Sunday my mom and I are taking the kids to see Disney on Ice High School Musical II. Par-tay! It was nice to have this day to chill at home.

Happy Friday.