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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Have a boob-e-full day

Breastfeeding Thomas 12/07/2004
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The League of Maternal Justice has declared this the day of The Great Breast Fest.

Fest the Breast!

Because people like Bill Maher would have us hide...

Because Facebook thinks that pictures of nursing boobs are dirty...

Because waitstaff at Applebees and YMCA attendants still tell nursing mothers to cover up or nurse in the toilet...

Because it's illegal to ask a nursing mother to stop nursing or conceal her nursing, and yet people still do it...

Because we live in a society where nobody bats an eye at see-through tops and pasties on pop stars, but in which nursing breasts are considered by some to be indecent...

I breastfed both of my kids and I'll do it again, God willing. To weep tears of joy over the magnitude of the feat of breastfeeding, check out the Great Breast Fest Montage:

Power to the boob.