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Saturday, October 06, 2007


Things I want to do this weekend

Emily in the jump house
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  1. Eat pancakes. Also fresh fruit and whipped cream.

  2. Read the Sunday San Francisco Chronicle.

  3. Finish that article for the nice company that pays me real money.

  4. Organize the kids's clothes and bag up the stuff they've outgrown. Figure out if they need anything for our upcoming trip to New Mexico.

  5. Stand naked in my closet and try on clothes that I don't think fit me anymore. If I'm right, bag them up or consider alterations. Figure out if I need anything new for New Mexico.

  6. Make a Goodwill run with the stuff that's accumulating in my office and the bagged items from items #4 and #5.

  7. Finish reading Eat, Pray, Love.

  8. Bake an apple pie using the apples from our tree.

  9. Read the Sunday New York Times.

  10. Make a "from scratch" dinner that takes longer than fifteen minutes to prepare.

  11. Go to Decompression 2007.

That's it. Not too bad. In fact, pretty good. And quite do-able as long as item #1 doesn't first put me in a sugar-induced coma.