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Monday, October 01, 2007


Reliving the pain of childhood one essay at a time

[Updated: My essay will be posted this Wednesday (October 3) at Can I Sit With You. How exciting!]

Some friends of mine have started a new blog about the "stormy social seas of the schoolyard."

The goal of Can I Sit With You is to share our schoolyard horror stories not only amongst ourselves, but also with the children who are experiencing this special form of social purgatory right now. We want them to know that even though what they're going through sucks, they're not alone.

These enterprising moms are looking for essays about all of those twisted memories that we'd rather just forget. They're going to compile the essays into a book, with the proceeds funding a Special Education PTA, SEPTAR.

I just submitted an essay I titled "Best Friends." Without knowing any more, can't you just feel my pain? I'll put up a link to it if they decide it's worth posting, the adult equivalent of letting me sit next to them.

Check out Can I Sit With You, and send them your own essay. All of the uncool kids are doing it, which is another way of saying everybody.