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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Happy birthday to my old, younger man

Mike turns 38
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Hey, it's my old man's birthday. In the tradition started by somebody in my family a long time ago, I baked him the best cake of all time: yellow. Last year I made him a chocolate cake, but this year I went back to the ol' tried and true. There's nothing like a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Yellow is the flavor of love.

In this picture Mike's showing us how cute curmudgeonly can be.

Yesterday, when discussing Mike's upcoming birthday, Emily asked, "Is he sixty four or sixty five?" "Neither," I replied, "he's going to be thirty eight."

Today, when inspecting the candles I bought for the birthday cake, Emily asked, "Which one is he mommy, the three or the eight?" "Both," I replied, "he's thirty eight."

Happy 38th birthday to a great dad and husband.