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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Happy Person of Difficulty Day

Today is Boss's Day here in the U.S., "a day for employees to thank their superior for being kind and fair throughout the year."

I've had my share of bosses in the fifteen or so years I worked in the corporate world. I sometimes felt like celebrating them, and I usually understood when they were being "difficult." For many years, one of my most valued skills in the workplace was my ability to deal with difficult people. It's a good skill to have although over time it eats your soul and you find yourself unable to talk about your work without spending at least thirty minutes bitching about your horrible boss.

I'm sorry if I've just described you.

I'm glad I have this opportunity as a stay-at-home mom to enjoy life without the daily annoyance of a person of difficulty. My new bosses--although often deserving of a time out--are quite likable and pretty darn cute, too.

Santana Row, San Jose
Boss #1

Santana Row, San Jose
Boss #2