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Sunday, November 18, 2007


House of change

There are big changes going on here at the Casa de Tsao.

We've decided to go bunk bed.

Yesterday we went to the place where dreams can be bought inexpensively, IKEA, and got a bunk bed. It's being delivered today. Last night was Thomas's last night in the crib, and tonight both he and Emily will begin what is known in family circles as "sharing a room."

I was against this idea originally, but in a moment of NaNoWriMo-inspired weakness I relented and agreed to Mike's plan. Emily and Thomas will share Thomas's room; my crafty decorating skills will bring it to life as an all gender-encompassing wonderland. The playroom, which lacks heat and insulation in half of it thereby making it unsuitable for a small child's bedroom, will remain the playroom. Emily's big closet turned tiny bedroom will become home to the crib and may one day also host a small, wailing thing, if our scheme to procreate becomes a reality. My office remains the office/guest bedroom. Mike's office remains his office. Oh, and our bedroom remains our bedroom. All other rooms remain as is.

Whew. Welcome to my world.

In other family news, today is the day that we will dress up in our color-coordinated outfits chosen with care by yours truly and attempt to take a photo special enough to grace the cover of our holiday card. Unfortunately, our photographer had to cancel at the last minute due to a death in her family and so we are relying on ye olde tripod and timer method to get our perfect shot. Bwahahahahahaha! Insert maniacal laughter here.

It's only 10:00 AM and already it feels like midnight.