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Sunday, November 11, 2007


By the light of the Duraflame log

Happy kids
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It rained last night but today the sun is shining and the world outside is clean and new. As Thomas says, "It's a morning day." Inside, I've started a fire in the living room fireplace and after enjoying a breakfast of waffles and sausages, I'm settling in to write the 4,000 words it will take to get me to the 20,000 word mark.

But before I begin, I must ponder such questions as: Why do we have so many magazines? When was the last time I got my hair cut? and Is taking two preschoolers to San Francisco's Chinatown by myself a good idea or a bad one?

Well, I've spent enough time pondering life's questions; now I'm off to write, write, write. Hope your Sunday is cozy and warm and filled with the light of a 1000 Duraflame logs.