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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Four confessions for a Tuesday

Confession: After seeing that kid eat Cheetos at the symphony, I have been craving Cheetos. Yesterday I bought some semi-not so bad for you Cheeto-alikes at Trader Joe's, and goodness if those things weren't delicious. No wonder that kid felt compelled to eat them during the performance.

Confession: Once upon a time, I considered over-the-top birthday parties to be a frivolous waste of money and the kind of thing that parents who don't actually love their children do for them in a desperate attempt to appease their own guilt. As a parent who very much loves her children and who hired a rock band for her daughter's fourth birthday, I now understand that parents plan elaborate birthday parties to heal wounds leftover from their own childhood.

Confession: Yesterday I realized that our house phone message machine had over 40 unheard messages on it, going back to early June. While I went through all of them I cursed my husband for his silent declaration that the house phone (and the answering of it) falls outside of his jurisdiction. I also cursed myself for not having the guts to hit "erase all."

Confession: Sometimes I feel like Julie from The Love Boat. Do all moms/wives feel like they are the cruise director for their family or is it just me?