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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Looking like him, cleaning like me, reading like the best of us

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Emily has amazed me lately with her cleaning abilities. Yesterday I asked her to clean her room, and--get this--she did! She got everything up off her floor and onto her bookshelf, and she even organized the things on her bookshelf. Books went with books. Hair ties went with hair ties. Doll clothes went with doll clothes. I was shocked and also ecstatic. Knowing how to clean a room is a life skill that eludes many adults. Emily rocks.

Another example of her helpfulness was when I asked her to put a cracker box in the recycling pile on the counter. She did so, and later I realized that she also had broken down the box, flattening it so that it could go straight into a bag for recycling. Wow! At four years old, she has figured out something that most guys in their early thirties still don't know.

What the hell, as long as I'm bragging, I'll just come out and say that she's started learning how to read. She kept bugging Mike to teach her words when he read to her at night, so he started creating simple sentence worksheets that they go over daily. Now all I hear is, "Mommy, what does k-e-t-c-h-u-p spell?" and "Mommy, I just saw the! The is on that sign!" She's on her way to becoming a reader, which means I no longer can spell out words like c-a-n-d-y when I don't want her to know what I'm talking about.

Exciting times. Sometimes I'm afraid to blink.