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Sunday, April 22, 2007


Don't even try to figure this one out

It was raining or maybe he was just a sloppy kisser, like that guy I kissed in Jr. High while Waiting For a Girl Like You by Foreigner played in an infinite loop on his record player. That guy that who never came up for air and left me with a rash on my chin from being bathed in drool. My face was wet and he was kissing me and saying, "I love you so much." "You do?" "Yes," he replied, "I love you for all of your accomplishments."

That's when I knew I was dreaming. Not because I haven't accomplished things, but because guys slobbering on you don't say things like that.


It's possible I haven't been getting enough quality sleep lately.


To all of the administrative professionals out there reading blogs instead of working, I hope you have a great week.