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Saturday, May 12, 2007


Pimp My Mom

Me and my mother in August, 1973
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Yesterday was such a nice day compared to Thursday. I love my Fridays.

After exercising and attending music class with the kids, I got out of the house when Rosa came over. I felt particularly happy as I drove into San Francisco because I've been amazingly on top of things lately. I got out my Mother's Day cards earlier in the week, and my mom got her package and flowers yesterday. Good for me. In case I needed an excuse to go shopping, I decided that would be it. As a back-up excuse, the fact that Sunday is Mother's Day and I am a MUTHA! Rawr.

[Side note: Stacy London is so funny! The girl on What Not to Wear just stated that she didn't like shopping for shoes, to which Stacy immediately replied, "Are you missing a gene?!"]

Yesterday I discovered a great little store in The Castro, Clobba. They carry trendy clothes in cheap fabrics and for affordable prices, kind of like H & M. I got a great purple summer dress; I hope it's warm enough today to wear it. The sun woke me up at 6:30 so I think my wish might just come true.

Today I've got an agenda filled with gardening and shopping for Mother's Day delicacies, basically anything at Whole Foods that looks yummy. In honor of my two children, I will break my back planting two white rose bushes, Iceberg Rose. All of today's hard work will be in preparation for my self-proclaimed day of luxury tomorrow, when I'll do my hair, color my nails, eat chocolates, and refuse to lift a finger especially if it's to clean a poopy butt. Mama, that's gonna be great.

Let me wrap this post up with a small tribute to my own mother, Grammie Martha, who is coming next weekend to babysit the kids while Mike and I take a much-needed mini vacation to Big Sur. If she's not a woman who deserves flowers, I don't know who is!

I've been thinking a lot lately about my desire to take my kids on adventures, including the little trips I do as well as Burning Man this year and New Zealand/Australia next year. I really owe that slightly insane drive to do the impossible from my mom. Even though she was a single mom for most of my childhood, my mom always took my twin sister Barb and me on vacations. From Illinois, where we lived, we would take road trips around the state and into Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota.

But the trip I'll never forget is when my mom took a month off work the summer before we started kindergarten (or was it the summer before first grade?) and drove us from Illinois to New Mexico--and back--to visit my aunt Paula and her family. We didn't have a lot of money so we alternated between camping and staying in motels. After we picked up my aunt in New Mexico, we visited Pikes Peak (where our motto was, "Whoa, Nellie!"), the Four Corners, and the Grand Canyon. I saw the Petrified Forest and Indian reservations and ate silver dollar pancakes. I also bathed naked in a creek with a bunch of hippy kids that lived near my aunt. It was quite an adventure, one filled with good times and hard times, too. Setting up a campground in sometimes inhospitable conditions with two small kids in tow... Let's just say that I would never once imagine driving to Burning Man in a 26-foot RV with a partner and our kids to be anything other than pure luxury.

Mother, thanks for showing me that what others think is impossible is definitely possible. I love you.