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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Manic magic

If I hadn't lived it myself, I wouldn't believe how insane a day of holiday decorating could be. It's crazy! First, you open the closet containing the boxes of holiday decor. You think pulling down the boxes and distributing the gold and red wealth around the house will be easy. Then everything you shoved in the closet the past year falls on your head and you realize that in order to get to the Christmas stuff buried deep in the back, you first have to organize the closet. Which leads to headache and hassle and piles of stuff destined for either the garbage can or the Goodwill store. Finally, sometime around noon (you started bright and early at 8:00), you can't even remember what your original goal was for the day. All you know is that every room of the house has piles of stuff in it, you've already done three loads of laundry, and your morning cup of coffee is sitting cold on the counter.

You know those decorating shows on TV? They lie! Decorating is hard work, a dirty business, I tell ya!

But I realize now, in the glow of soft lighting, that I did get a bunch of stuff done today and our house is almost holiday-ready. We're getting our tree on Saturday and will probably decorate it on Sunday. Today I put a small, fake tree in the kids's bedroom and Emily asked me if it meant Santa would leave them presents in their room, too. And you know what? That's exactly why I turn into manic Mary during this time of the year. A pre-decorated tree I just pulled from a box in the closet has the potential to equal magic to my kids. With Emily four years old and Thomas three years old, I think this will be our best Christmas yet.


A quick recap of yesterday: I haven't blogged about it, but I've been doing some writing-type work for PickPackGo, a vacation rental company started by some friends of mine. My official job title is City Host. The lovely Julie is a city host, too.

Yesterday I drove into The City to visit PickPackGo. It was neat spending some time in an office, especially since I didn't actually have to sit at a desk and work or anything. I just got to play dress up and go to a meeting, after which I returned to my regularly scheduled life. It was a brief--yet fun--diversion. If you're interested, here's something I wrote for PickPackGo about kid-friendly adventures in San Francisco.

Visiting PickPackGo
Visiting PickPackGo

After the meeting, I returned home to pick up the kids from preschool. Then the three of us returned to San Francisco for--guess what--a kid-friendly adventure. First we did some kid clothes shopping at the H&M in the Westfield Mall, then we saw Enchanted, checked out the kittens and puppies in the window at Macy's, and visited the big Christmas tree in Union Square. Emily loved Enchanted, except she thought the prince's stepmother was "not a very nice girl." I agree, but since she was played by Susan Sarandon I had to love her despite her evil ways. Thomas's favorite part of the movie was the peanut M&Ms I bought him. Which was why I had to pry the half-empty bag from his hands after he threw a sugar-induced tantrum in front of Macy's.

Oh, that holiday magic. Pictures of our fieldtrip are on Flickr.