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Wednesday, November 21, 2007



Thomas is thankful
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Today I had the joy of going to a Thanksgiving feast at Thomas's preschool. It was so sweet. The teacher lined up all of the kids and had them sing a song: THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, FOR MOMS AND DADS AND FRIENDS AND SUCH...* Then each child presented his or her parent with a laminated picture that also contained a special Thanksgiving message that the child had dictated to the teacher. The picture Thomas made for me read, "I am thankful for my daddy and my mommy make me happy." Somebody hand me a tissue! After some discreet wiping away of tears, everybody feasted on a potluck buffet that included corn dogs, pizza, pretzels, brownies, and homemade mac-n-cheese. I made turkey and cheese sandwiches, but Thomas liked the cupcakes with sprinkles the best. Naturally.

Emily's school had a feast, too, and Emily realized that she does like pumpkin pie. There was some question earlier today about whether or not she liked pumpkin pie, and it turns out that she does. Oh, happy day. Her school collected food that will go to a local agency for families who need some help this year. They put together four large baskets of food.

We've done our shopping and we're all set for tomorrow's celebration. Our friends Dave and Miriam have been kind enough to take on the cooking and cleaning duties. We'll show up at their house tomorrow with our mascarpone and cranberry cheese spread, creamy green beans, and Costco cheesecake and appreciate their hospitality very much. Thank you, thank you indeed!

Because there's no reason for me to scurry around cleaning my house, I'm taking the kids to the park. Happy Thanksgiving!

*Yes, I got it on video.