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Monday, November 19, 2007


Girl, you know it's true

Happy Monday. We had a crazy thing happen over here on Saturday. It was so crazy that I had to take several deep breaths into a brown paper sack. It was so crazy that I had to remind myself over and over again in my outside voice, "You are only human! You are doing the best that you can!"

On Saturday the crazy thing that happened was that we received our first holiday card of the season. Yes, that's right; this year we received our first holiday card on November 17. I didn't even have our holiday photo taken and we were already receiving cards. Well, card. But still! The season has officially begun! The pressure is on! Succeed, mothers of the suburban universe, succeed!

(I'm not sure why, but I have an irrational fear that I'll forget to do my holiday cards on time. It's kind of like that anxiety dream where you forget to wear your clothes to school. I'll have to bring it up with my therapist and see what she thinks.)

Understanding what a lunatic I am about this holiday card business, you will be happy to know that yesterday Mike set up the tripod and camera and we got a GREAT shot of the family by using our new mantra: "A skittle for a smile!" This year our holiday photo features four people who are all looking at the camera and smiling, a first for the Tsao family. Except for the obvious fact that Mike and I are aging rapidly, the shot was so great we wasted not a second and ordered our holiday photo cards. The cards will be delivered in plenty of time for me to address the envelopes and drop them into a stuffed mailbox. That will be a happy day for sure.

I keep telling Mike that we should be very proud of ourselves for pulling together and getting this done as a team, but he doesn't understand the taking of a family photo as a reason to feel good. I guess he saves that prideful feeling for things like graduating law school or doing really well in a poker tournament. Whatever. *Holds up fingers in shape of a W* I'm proud of us. This is the fifth year that we've managed to keep up with the tradition of the holiday photo card, and I think they should hand out awards for that kind of thing, yes, I do.

What about you? Do you do a holiday card? With a photo? With a photo of the whole family or just the kids and the dog? Just wondering.