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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


NaNoWriMo Day 8: The plot, she thickens

Despite the fact that our nanny is having car trouble and couldn't come today, I managed to open my dreaded beloved Word document and think about my novel. As I looked over the thirty odd pages I've written, I found myself searching for the answer to that burning question, "What is the plot of this novel anyway?"

I thought and thought. Then I changed a diaper and thought some more. Then I put on a video--Clifford The Big Red Dog Does Something Amazing Although What It Is I Can't Remember--and thought some more. And then I had it!

I wrote a couple of paragraphs that could easily summarize the rest of the story, get me through to the end of this novel, and provide me that all-esential plot. Eureka!

The sinking feeling came as I re-read what I had written. My novel had become Terms of Endearment. Crap.

But then I did some online research (just what was Terms of Endearment about again?) and realized that I have no neurotic mom, no sexy older neighbor, no daughter, and no daughter's lover. I do have an older mother-like character, a younger daughter-like character, and the big C word, but I think that's where the similarities end. Whew!

Back to the plot at hand...

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