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Saturday, March 11, 2006


Blogging for dollars

To those of you who asked, I will not be applying for a job with ClubMom nor am I currently working for them. For some reason, I would rather blog for no pay and so I am using my "spare time" (ha!) to blog for BlogHer and to help promote the visibility of women who are blogging. I want to help raise awareness of the fact that women are in the blogosphere and that we are doing amazing and powerful things. But I encourage those of you interested to apply for one of the ClubMom jobs. If you can write an entry a day in an hour or two, it's not bad pay.

I've been reading a lot of posts and comments lately about making money from blogging or how to make money from blogging. I have a lot of ideas about this and I was going to write up a list, but Darren Rowse over at ProBlogger has already put together a comprehensive list in his post titled How Bloggers Make Money from Blogs.

If you are interested in learning how you can make money from blogging (on either your own or somebody else's blog), I encourage you to check out his post. It's not a mystery and it's not shameful. If you love to blog and you need the money, why not try and make money doing what you love. It makes sense to me.

Darren points out that Merchandising is one way to make money. My post today over at BlogHer highlights several mommybloggers who are selling T-shirts. Go check it out. Some of the slogans on these T-shirts will make you want to pee your pants; they're that funny.

Darren also writes about Business Blog Writing Opportunities. This is when you blog for somebody else, like BloggingBaby or ClubMom. Blogger Jobs is a website that posts blogging job opportunities.

Besides applying for posted blogging jobs, I would encourage those of you who are entrepreneurial in spirit to approach a company you admire and propose to them that they hire you as a blogger. Companies from McDonald's to Stonyfield Farm to WalMart have blogs, and more companies are thinking about it. Maybe your well-drafted letter along with three appropriate sample blog entries will force your favorite corporate entity to consider you as its corporate blogger. Just a thought.

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