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Saturday, September 16, 2006


li li li life

The paragraph seems like such an odd construct at times. Why bother with topic sentences, supporting details, and closing sentences when a bulleted list filled with rambling prose and sentence fragments will suffice? Onward, then.

  • Yesterday I had the most unbelievably horrible encounter in the lingerie department at Nordstrom in Hillsdale Mall. I was (un)helped by not one, not two, but three employees, one of whom was a manager. I was left half-naked and forgotten in a room and treated like shit only to find out that I'm not an idiot and I actually was wearing very close to the correct bra size and could have done without a magical fitting anyway. I'm fairly certain that at least two of the women had been snorting lines prior to going out on the floor. The whole place was a chaotic mess and to top it off, I almost got into a fight with another customer over who was next in line. It was such a surreal, bizarre experience that instead of getting the heck out of there at the first sign of trouble, I stuck it out in hope (?) that at any moment it would change into a normal experience. It took me close to two hours to buy two bras. It was an unbelievable encounter with customer service so bad that I couldn't believe it was happening to me while it was happening. And yet, I had gone into the store to get my post nursing boobies a new bra and was paying my nanny $16/hour, and DAMMIT I was not going to leave that store without my overpriced lace and elastic torture device. Thankyouverymuch. But still, the whole experience was bizarre. I'm still reeling from the shock.

  • Yesterday I spend $75 on one bra.

  • I didn't do any work on Mike's office today.

  • Tomorrow I will get up early and finish painting Mike's office.

  • I ordered Mike's birthday present last week but it will take six to eight weeks to be delivered. His birthday is early October so instead of the actual present, he will get a picture printed from a website and glued to a card.

  • If he doesn't like the present, I'm going to put it in my office.

  • I'm half hoping he doesn't like it.

  • My mom is in town visiting but she's at a hotel for a conference.

  • Tomorrow she and I are going to check out the Titanic exhibit at the Sony Metreon. I'm leaving the kids at home.

  • Starting Tuesday she'll be at our house until next weekend.

  • Today I called my sister Barb just to chat. I can't remember the last time I've done that, but I want to do it again soon.

  • I've decided to no longer do unpaid marketing blogging on my blog. I just don't have the time; the pressure is annoying; and I no longer see the point. If I know you and you wrote a book, that's different.

  • Our mow and blow guys started last week. I now see why Eva Longoria on Desperate Housewives was so hot for her gardener. Even though my guy is considerably older and less attractive, I seriously get a little hot and bothered when he leaves and the yard is completely mowed, edged, weeded, and swept. Wow. Hubba hubba.

  • A nice man named Ray came over today from a local nursery (Carlmont Nursery). He took a bunch of notes and he's going to give us a plan for our yard so that we finally can finish the backyard remodel that we started last year. Isn't it amazing how long things take sometimes? It took weeks just to arrange a time for him to come over.

  • Why isn't patience sold in pill form?

  • My old guilty pleasure: People magazine. I read that sick thing cover to cover every Saturday. Yes, I do.

  • My new guilty pleasure: Cheesy chick flicks. I like anything starring Kate Hudson, Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Jessica Parker. Hell, I'll even rent that straight-to-DVD movie starring Paris Hilton if it shows up at the kiosk at my grocery store.

  • Tonight I rented Phat Girlz starring Mo'nique and I have to go watch it RIGHT NOW.

  • That is all.

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