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Thursday, September 28, 2006


Love on a tray, ain't no surprise

Marriage is a funny thing.

If you're lucky.

No, but seriously, folks, keeping a marriage together is hard work. It takes a bunch of things I don't always have: patience, strength of mind -or- a mild stroke, determination, amnesia, pills, booze, love, sex drive. To name a few.

But here's a simple thing you can buy on teh Internets that will help you fall in love with 'ol Mr. Right all over again:

Oh, the joy which comes from teh Internet
His-n-her laptop trays.

Yes, when the box containing his-n-her laptop trays arrives in the mail you know that you have just kissed the romance buh-bye and the everlasting love that can only come from growing old together, one laptop tray at a time hello.

His-n-her laptop trays
Let the games begin.

P.S. This post brought to you by Love Thursday, which usually isn't quite so cynical. Really.

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