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Saturday, September 23, 2006


Me, a baby, and some self awareness about houseguests

My blogging has been light lately; life has taken precedence over writing about life. It was a good thing for the week or so it was happening, although I'm glad the hectic pace is slowing down and I can resume my normally scheduled self-centered blogging existence. I missed me! Blogging about my day helps me put things in perspective and control the jumble of thoughts in my head. Exercising and blogging are my sanity checks.

Hey, guess what? Speaking of sanity checks, my sister-in-law had her baby! Mike and I waited at the hospital while she was in labor. It was really an amazing experience knowing what she was going through just down the hall. My sister has three kids but I live in a different state from her and I wasn't with her for the birth of any of her kids. Being there at the hospital for my sister-in-law's labor and delivery was a unique experience and one that I might never have the opportunity to do again until (and if) Emily and Thomas start their families.

Waiting for the baby's cry
Waiting for the baby's cry...

My mom was staying with us this past week and we had a good visit. She stayed with us for four out of the seven days she was in town and I think that was a big reason why things remained pleasant and we had only a couple of minor disagreements. We also stayed busy and therefore didn't have time to sit around pushing each other's buttons.

I've come to the realization that while I enjoy having houseguests, I prefer them to stay no longer than four or five days. I feel selfish writing that, but I would rather have an enjoyable time that leaves a good taste in my mouth and more frequent visits with somebody than a bad time that leaves me wanting never to see that person again. Okay, it's never been that bad, but there's only so much conversation and entertaining I can do before I reach overload. And sometimes overload just ain't pretty. Also, it's hard to put my regular life on hold, even in small ways, for extended periods of time.

It was nice seeing my mom have a good time with Emily and Thomas. She got up with them every morning and made them breakfast. She watched Thomas one morning so that I could go to bad mom's coffee with Badger, Squid, and company, and that was great. I really appreciated it. She also watched them all night so Mike and I could be at the hospital with Jennie and our family on Mike's side. But besides enjoying her babysitting skills, I like the fact my kids have the opportunity to know their grandma. Granmie Martha! Granmie Martha! They followed her around every day like little puppy dogs, barely allowing her the opportunity to use the bathroom without company. She put up with all of the attention and seemed to enjoy it, too. My mom is a good grandma.

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