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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Paperwork and Ashton Kutcher: mmm mmm sexy

Today was one of those un-sexy nanny days. The minute Rosa got here I scurried down the hall to my home office and tried to catch up on paperwork. Yep, the Boxster didn't leave the driveway today, but that's okay. I did get a lot of stuff done. You know... stuff. Sexy, exciting stuff like paying bills and returning emails and making photocopies of fence estimates for the neighbors and arranging for a photographer to take our holiday photo and ordering materials for Halloween costumes (I've decided to go the Mother of the Year route and make them this year. I hope I don't live to regret this decision.)

It actually is kind of exciting to me to get this kind of stuff done. Those "little things" I have to do end up snowballing into overwhelming to do lists that swirl around in my head when I'm trying to sleep. Tonight I will be sleeping well, and that definitely is a sexy thought.

Today we had the first rain of the season. It was a gentle, pleasant rain that made the yard look good and that fell quietly upon our foam roof. We have a good roof for enjoying the rain. It's noisy and makes you glad to be inside, with a roof over your head. The rain started right as I was going out for my run, but it was very light and just made for a nice change of scenery. I like running in the rain as long as it's not bitterly cold. Today was warm and the rain was nice.

Things have been calm around here lately. Calm doesn't exactly make for exciting blog posts, but it certainly feels good. I like calm. I'm really digging the new routine with Emily in school part-time and Rosa here two days a week. I'm starting to get things done that I've been wanting to do for oh, let's see... three years? Well, at least two years. I just got a call from the landscape architect we've hired about the plans he's drawn up for our backyard. If we can get that work done over the next couple of months, our yard will be looking quite fabulous come next summer.

Sometimes projects seem to take forever, but if I just keep pecking away at them, they eventually do end. I try and keep this thought in mind. I also remind myself that a project like completely re-doing a backyard is a BIG project and big projects take time.

(If those two pep talks don't work, I return to the idea that I have two small kids and they're the reason why I can't get anything done. Right?)

After a rather sexy meal of black beans, rice, and hot dogs, I ditched Mike and the kids for a moms night out and met some friends for a movie. We saw "The Guardian." It was good. Action, adventure, ASHTON. Yes, that boy is hot. Going on his looks alone, I'd say that Demi is one lucky woman. You go, girl. I've got a younger man, too, and they ROCK!

They also suck at doing the dishes, which I remembered when I returned home from the movies to find all of the dirties from dinner sitting where I left them earlier. Oh well, the kids were bathed and in bed, and returning to a quiet house is pretty damn cool. Now the dishes are done and I've got this blessed minute of peace and quiet to contemplate my day, write this blog post, and drink my glass of wine.

And watch just a teeny tiny bit of this video that features a nineteen-year old Ashton walking the runway with his shirt open at a Male Model of the Year competition. Really, what would we do without teh Internets?

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