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Friday, October 06, 2006


What I love about my kitchen

Today I met Mike for lunch at Google and when I went to the bathroom to relieve myself, I saw that some nice Googler had taped a photocopied article to the wall for the ladies to enjoy while they peed. Wasn't that thoughtful?

The article was about kitchens, and it featured little stories from various people about what they loved about their kitchens. I couldn't figure out what magazine it was from, but I liked it so much I thought I would swipe the idea and answer the question here.

*clears throat*

What I Love About My Kitchen
by Mary Tsao

Every morning when Thomas wakes up (and he usually is the first one awake), I go in his room to get him. I pick him up and rest him against my chest, where his head fits perfectly in the the part of my body between my neck and my left shoulder.

After a brief moment of tenderness, he picks up his head and points his little index finger in the direction of the kitchen and says, "Juice!" The tenderness is momentarily over; the day has begun.

We walk into the kitchen with its floor-to-ceiling windows and know immediately if the day is sunny, foggy, or rainy. When Emily and Thomas were little, we sometimes started our day in a kitchen that still was dark. Those were not good days.


Once we enter the kitchen, breakfast soon follows juice and is usually enjoyed with a Tivo'd episode of Sesame Street. We might leave the kitchen to go the bathroom or get dressed or put in a load of laundry, but we always return. The kitchen is the checking in point for all of our home-based wanderings.


When we go out, I grab the diaper bag, keys, and my purse from the hooks in the kitchen before we leave. When we return home, the kitchen is the first place we go. No matter what we bought, the bags end up on either the island counter or the kitchen table until they're unpacked and put away. Everything that enters our house goes first into the kitchen. It is the shipping and receiving department of our home.

Our kitchen is big and bright and has lots of cabinets. It also serves as our family room so it has a couch and a TV, too.


The kitchen is home to the time-out corner.

Our kitchen also contains our kitchen table, which is where we share all of our meals and where art projects are designed and created. Its surface is stained from markers and worn in some places from the fact I sponge it off at least three times a day. We don't have a formal dining room so our kitchen table also is where all of our holiday meals are eaten.


We do most of our entertaining in our kitchen. We have many other rooms, but the kitchen has everything we need so why go elsewhere? I love my kitchen because it is the heart of our home.

The End.

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