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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


My idea of bloggity perfection on this the first day of NaBloPoMo

The Original Perfect Post AwardsI almost didn't get my act together to participate in October's Perfect Post Awards sponsored by Lucinda of Suburban Turmoil and MommaK of Petroville. But then I remembered that today is the start of both NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo, and I need to be uber on top of things this month. Also, I really wanted to highlight the following post and tell you what I think is perfect about it.

I am awarding Stefania Pomponi Butler of CityMama and her post Meeting Elizabeth Edwards.

*Roar of applause*

I like Stefania's post not because it prominently features a picture of Yours Truly (although that is a nice touch, isn't it?), but because Stefania was able to very accurately describe the meeting between the mommybloggers and Elizabeth Edwards. And I should know because I was there. It's difficult to blog about events and meetings after the fact; for me it feels like poking a sharp stick in my eye. So I definitely admire the great job Stefania did of capturing the details as well as the essence of the event. I particularly like how she described Elizabeth and our meeting in this paragraph:

"She asked questions and answered questions and it was weird. It wasn't like what you would think meeting with someone so famous would be like. I've met some big shots and am never much impressed with them in person. But Elizabeth Edwards felt like one of us. I mean, just look back at the photo. Is there any doubt that she interested and engaged in what Mary is saying? Look at her easy smile exuding warmth. She is really listening. At that moment, she felt like a mommy blogger and her blog was called Saving Graces and here it was in front of us in book form. She was never once dismissive or haughty. She let us bubble over with excitement and interrupt her and, well, it felt like a three martini playdate 'cept without the kids and without the martinis."

All I can add is, "What she said!"

I also liked Stefania's post because it contains a great book review of Elizabeth's book Saving Graces.

Thanks for the perfect post, Stefania, and for helping me to start NaBloPoMo with this post.

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