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Monday, October 23, 2006


Care of the elbows for the middle-aged

Are you starting to notice new lines, wrinkles, bumps, and skin issues on yourself that you previously only noticed on people who were "old," like, say, your grandma?

Ya, me, too.

I remember a woman I knew once telling me about her mother. She started off the conversation by telling me what she respected about her mother: the fact that she was still slender in her mid-50s and that she was very disciplined with her eating habits. For example, for lunch she typically had only one small Weight Watcher's pepperoni pizza. My friend was impressed by this.

However--and this is when my friend's face projected a look of dismay and disgust--her mother had totally let her elbows go. "They're so dried out! Yuck. She never puts lotion on them."

At the time, the conversation puzzled me because I knew her mother and I had always attributed her thinness to the fact she drank her dinner in vodka every night. I had never noticed her elbows. Now, this conversation haunts me every time I realize that I haven't put lotion on my elbows in months. Yet I drink wine every night and I doubt I'll ever get under a size 10.

Huh. Maybe it was the pepperoni pizza after all.

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