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Thursday, October 12, 2006


This blog post S.W.A.K.

This is my 395th post. Holy happiness! That's a lot of words and stuff.

I'm packed. Emily's packed. Wake up call is 3:00 AM and our flight leaves at 6:05. I hope that there's snuggling under an airline blanket in my future tomorrow. I'm looking forward to this trip with just me and my daughter. It should be fun. It certainly will be busy. We've got a birthday party, a baby shower, and a benefit luncheon and silent auction to attend in the next three days. Wow. Good thing I'm a party animal. Emily is a party animal in training.

I doubt I'll be posting until we return since I'm not bringing my laptop. (I know... how old fashioned of me!) I am bringing books and I think I'll do just fine during my little break from the Internets.

Here's my boy. This video shows pure ball hitting talent. Remember, he's only 22 months old! Also, he seems to be left-handed when it comes to sports. Interesting.

And here's my girl, my travel companion, practicing this morning for picture day.


Have a great weekend! Miss you already!