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Monday, October 09, 2006


Because you like pictures, right?

It's funny how I have the start of amazing blog posts in my mind sometime around 10:00 AM, but when it gets to be 11:15 PM and I finally have a minute to blog, I don't have much to write except, "duhhhh."

It was a long and happily-productive day. The kids and I went to the gym bright and early and a good time was had by all. I got in a 60-minute workout. Nice. I wish I could do that every day. I love the gym with its incline treadmills and weight machines. After the gym, we cruised over to Office Depot for some envelopes and push pins and then over to Trader Joe's for groceries. The kids behaved amazingly well as we ran our errands and Emily even walked alongside the cart without running away (too) much. Being with my kids on a day like today makes me glad that I have the opportunity to spend this kind of time with them. Our day was full but not structured. We hung out, did some errands, colored, played, watched a movie, visited a bit with family, ate dinner... a regular day filled with lots of small moments that felt really good and that together added up to my idea of perfection.

Somebody named "Anonymous" wanted to see the before and after pictures of Mike's home office makeover. Well, I've got some before pictures and some during pictures. Will that suffice? We spent some time working on the room yesterday. I put up the shelves, hemmed and hung the curtains; Mike screwed legs on a table and put up a curtain rod. We're really working together as a team on this project and when it doesn't feel like I'm at the dentist getting my teeth pulled without novacaine, it feels good.

I was telling my mother-in-law Jewel today how nice it is to be able to work on Mike's room with him. I tried to explain how much care and thought I put into decorating and organizing the rooms for my kids and for Mike. They are my gifts to them. For Mike's room, I want to provide work surfaces that will accomodate the various things he likes to do. We gave him one counter-height table for non-computer related projects and one computer table/desk. His room will have plenty of vertical shelving to keep stuff off of the desks (and floor), organized, and within arm's reach. He will have bookshelves and all of the books he had in boxes can be out in the open, read, appreciated, and referred to as necessary. Task lighting and general lighting, a comfy recliner for snoozing or when the kids hang out with him, curtains for privacy... It's challenging yet rewarding to think about all of the things somebody else needs in their personal space. Communication is key. At one point I realized that Mike actually needs a desk that is lower than standard height. Luckily, I was able to find desk legs at IKEA that could be adjusted to the height he needed. And because I asked questions, I found out about this before I had invested money (and time) into a desk that was completely unsuitable.

All of the photos from Mike's home office makeover are in a Flickr set. Start at the first photo to experience the DRAMA and IMPACT of the work we've done.