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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Morning lovin' and it's not what you think

It's only Wednesday night here, but I need to get a jump start on tomorrow if I'm ever going to be able to accomplish all of the things I need to before Emily and I leave for Chi-town.

Therefore, here is my post for Love Thursday, and it's all about what I love first thing in the morning.


I love breakfast. I do think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that a cup of coffee doesn't count. I don't eat a lot for breakfast during the week -- usually two turkey sausage links microwaved for 130 seconds -- oh, and a cup of coffee. But on the weekends, there's nothing I like better than a big 'ol breakfast. Preferably accompanied by a mimosa or a spicy bloody mary. I love me some eggs, bacon, waffles, pancakes, bagels and lox, oatmeal, grits, toast with lots of butter, sausages... Not all at once unless it's brunch in Vegas, but I basically have never met a breakfast food that I didn't love.

And now that I'm a mom, I make breakfast for my kids every morning. I fix them something to eat as soon as we get up.

Breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese
Many times it's scrambled eggs with cheese.

Breakfast of banana
Sometimes it's fruit.

Breakfast of cereal
Or cereal.

Morning in an Eichler
It's never fancy or elaborate, but I make it with love and they eat it sitting at the kitchen table.

Breakfast of tomatoes
It sets the tone for our day and gets things off to a good start.


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