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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I can has potty training?

Emily's "pet" moth
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Am I the last person on the Interweb to ROFL over I Can Has Cheezburger? You all know about this, right? Kind of makes me want to get a cat so that I can take goofy pictures of it. LOL!

Is there anything funny about a pet moth?

I had a busy day today and I got a lot of stuff done. The whole potty training thing is exciting but also mentally exhausting, requiring constant attention for behavior (grabbing at pants, standing alone in corner, making a funny face) that looks as though it is preceding #1 or #2. #2 made several appearances in our house today and things had to be washed. Oh, glory day. It just ain't life on the mother road if you're not doing multiple loads of laundry every time you turn around, is it?

I made dinner tonight for a mom who had a baby three weeks ago. She's kosher, which had me freaked out thinking that I would forget and accidentally make her mac-n-cheese or something. I had to keep reminding myself that I was making her oven-roasted salmon (with oil instead of butter), vegetarian lentil soup, roasted red and green peppers, salad with vinaigrette, and strawberries for dessert. A great dinner for a new mom. We had cold rice. No new moms here.

Even though I was super busy all day, I can't seem to remember much of what I did. Again, I've saved my blogging for the last ten minutes before I pass out from exhaustion. Not a good idea.

Is it Mother's Day yet?