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Friday, November 10, 2006


NaNoWriMo Day 10: If only I had an attic to clean

NaNoWriMo is kicking my butt in a really odd way. Because I have this &%^$#*# 50,000 word novel to write, it's all of a sudden EXTREMELY important that I take care of household chores that I've been meaning to do for weeks, months, heck, years!

I guess I'm bummed, but I'm also kind of stoked. So ya, I'm 2,000 words behind on my novel and right at this moment I'm procrastinating writing them because... well, because I can. But I'm no longer procrastinating on getting the new fence put in; work starts on Monday. And the landscaping will be finished shortly after that. Last week I picked out the trees, and I confirmed his time with the lanscaper today.

The project I started over a year ago will be done by Thanksgiving.

And then there's Mike's home office makeover, which is suddenly almost complete. He took it upon himself last weekend to get his desk in order, and there's now very little left for me to do. I've got a teeny bit of painting and two curtain panels to hem. His leather La-z-boy recliner will be delivered next week, and then I'll definitely put up new pictures. His office has been a problem area since we moved in over two years ago, and I first started blogging about tackling it sometime in the spring.

Nothing like wrapping up a six-month project during the month I'm also writing a novel.

What about Thanksgiving? Oh, I've planned out our Thanksgiving menu, invited family to our house, and ordered the turkey. And Christmas? Girl, my office closet is already loaded with Christmas presents, and yesterday I won my Ebay auction for Emily's dollhouse (Shh! Don't say anything!)

Too bad Thanksgiving is still weeks away and Christmas won't happen until next month.

And did I mention that today we had our Holiday photo taken? I picked out clothes for the family (coordinated, but not too matchy-matchy), freaked out when Thomas hid my mascara, and cried just a little bit when Emily got "accidentally poked" this morning and ended up with a slight black eye. But then my fabulous photographer friend came to our house and took 150 pictures of my beautiful family (If not, there's always Photoshop), which means my ultimate yearly project--the making of the Holiday card--is underway and off to a great start.

Weeks ahead of schedule.

And all of this means that after I'm done writing this blog post, there will be nothing left for me to do except work on that crappy novel of mine.


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