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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


NaNoWriMo Day 8: Yesterday, all this novel stuff seemed so far away

As promised, here are some pictures from yesterday. It was only a mildly guilt-inducing day for me, as defined by the following:

Very guilt-inducing: This is a day when the kids and I don't leave the house. They spend more hours than I care to count watching TV, and the only physical exercise they get involves jumping up and down on the couch or crying for more juice.

Mildly guilt-inducing: This is a day when the kids and I leave the house, but the only exercise they get is at indoor play structures contained within fast food restaurants or malls. Because mommy much prefers playgrounds that are located by retail therapy outlets.

No guilt whatsoever: This is a day when the kids and I leave the house and explore the great outdoors. We might go to the beach or to a playground, a hiking trail, or an outdoor amusement park ideally suited for the toddler set. On an ideal outing, every need has been predetermined or anticipated and accomodations are provided for as necessary. We do not run out of diapers, juice, or snacks, and we have any/all extra clothes, blankets, strollers, change for parking meters, good parking mojo, whatever. At the end of the day, we are tired and dirty and ready for bed.

Yesterday was a mildly guilt-inducing day because we were out almost all day but our excursions centered around errands, a fast food lunch, and a shopping expedition to IKEA to scout out a kitchen table:

Thomas at the polling place
Thomas at the polls

Then some light grocery shopping
We go grocery shopping more often than I care to think about.

Lunch at McDonalds. At least they had apple slices.
Yes, I let my kids eat McDonald's. Actually, I encourage it.

Kitchen chair candidate #1
Somebody needs to knock some sense into me for even contemplating white suede kitchen chairs.

Thomas decides he likes broccoli
Thomas evens out the flora of his small intestine with a liberal application of broccoli on top of his McDonald's.

On second thought, I'll have to add that yesterday wasn't really guilt-inducing because I did take Thomas with me to vote and also I managed to sneak in some Christmas presents on the IKEA trip. Early Christmas shopping is super mom material, for sure. Plus, my kids ate broccoli for dinner, which surely cancels out the effects of their fast food lunch.


NaNoWriMo update: 13,752 words. Only a teeny bit behind schedule, but I'll make up for it today since Rosa is here watching my kiddos. Thank you, goddess of childcare! Charlene of Crazed Parent asked in comments if I would reveal some of my plot line. This is a good idea because it might actually help me to realize what my plot is, too. So here goes:

The Novel (working title) is the tale (saga? story?) of Susan Sugarman, a suburban housewife who has decided to try therapy to help her with her modern-day anxiety and angst. Her psychiatrist, Dr. Young, thinks the key to her present problems is held within a journal that Susan wrote when she was nineteen. Will the journal's secrets unlock the door to Susan's past? Or are some secrets better left hidden and some doors better left closed?

Dum dum de dum.

So the pitfalls to this plot are that I've never been in therapy so I have no idea if the dialogue between Susan and Dr. Young is believable. But who cares; in general it's the kind of story I find easy to write for NaNoWriMo because it goes back and forth between past and present so there are lots of opportunity for plot twists and continuity of storyline.

Also, I'm still working on what the "big secret" will be. I'm thinking of trying to tie in a modern-day affair with a past history of being a sex addict along with a family member dying of AIDS. Sex! Death! Illicit affairs! Alcohol abuse! Really, all the makings of a great novel. Or at the very least, something that will get me to the 50,000 word finish line by November 25.

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