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Friday, December 29, 2006


The Five Cats Out of the Bag Meme

All of the cool kids are doing the 5 Things You Don't Know About Me meme, and I have always wanted to be cool.

Hence, therefore, and without further ado:

  1. You know that guy who wrote that article that suggested men shouldn't marry career women? I dated him. It was a brief fling in 1999 that didn't last more than a couple of mixed drinks. Thank God.

  2. Despite what I wrote in this post, I actually am contemplating trying for a third child. But not today. Or tomorrow. But maybe before I'm 40, which is in 2 years.

  3. I have decided to make 2007 a dry year. That means no booze for the whole year. I actually started this resolution on December 26, after my champagne and cold medicine-induced hangover kept me glued to the couch for half of the day. I'm sick of drinking; like dating asshats, it's so 1999.

  4. I am re-thinking my work-life balance priorities for the upcoming year. I want to spend less time struggling to meet deadlines in an effort to prove I'm still an interesting person who hasn't exchanged her brain for a sippy cup. I'm discarding work commitments right and left, and instead I'm signing up for two classes through park and rec: mommy & me gym and a mommy & me music class.

  5. Last night I farted in bed and it was so bad it woke Mike up and I had to go spend the night on the couch.

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