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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


All They Want for Christmas is a Deluxe Scooter Board Ramp

Leelo's potty-mouthed mom Squid is counting on the power of the blogosphere. Won't you help her? She's raising money to pay for a Deluxe Scooter Board Ramp for Leelo's special ed/occupational therapy department. You can straight donate any amount or purchase a handmade Leelo coloring book at $20 each. Squid writes, "The books feature the bold lines and simple rhymes that Leelo and his friends enjoy, plus scenes that will make any parent--but especially parents of autistic children--chuckle (or sigh) in recognition. All proceeds will go towards the ramp."

Squid's post on her quest is here.
Her donation page is here.

She's cool. And she can draw a mean comic book, too.


And while you're feeling all happy from your donation, you also can help out Hattie over at Motherpie. She's set up a blogging survey as part of her graduate media study research project on blogs. she writes, "This is all part of a larger study building on my previous and ongoing research and studies. I will make my research results available in late January and through the spring on my MotherPie blog."

Hattie's blogging survey is here.


And if you're not feeling too happy, I'll let you know if these Happy Camper pills I picked up at Whole Foods work. Wouldn't it be nice if they did? I might be nice if they did.

Happy Camper
I'll try anything once. Or twice.

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