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Saturday, November 11, 2006


Day 11: FlyLady Was in My 'Hood!

NaNoWriMo update: Word count: 22,160. I'll be at the halfway mark on Monday. My story just took an exciting turn when Susan Sugerman's therapist Dr. Young invited her to an intensive therapy retreat at a therapist's cooperative retreat center in Sonoma. Because those kinds of places exist, right? I can't tell you what's going to happen when they're there because I have absolutely no idea. Maybe they'll get it on. Who can say?

Today Emily and I went to a local expo center for a Women's Health and Wellness Fair. I didn't realize it, but the real attraction was none other than Marla Cilly, aka: FlyLady! She gave a presentation, which I missed, but then she spent hours signing books for a line of women that snaked through the aisles. Emily and I circled her table several times and got a good look at her. She's pretty! It was moving to see all of the women whose lives have been changed by that one woman. She's got fans, that's for sure. I didn't bother trying to wait for an autograph; Emily would have gone nuts in that line.

And we ran into a friend, J from bad mom's coffee! She was there to see FlyLady and we chatted about the presentation that I missed. She said it was good, unscripted and moving. I'm sorry that I missed it.

Here's a good picture I took today of Emily. She's my girl.

Smiling, happy