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Monday, November 20, 2006


Day 20: One Wonderful Meme

I found this over at Angry Pregnant Lawyer, and thought, Hey, what a great thing to do for day 20 of NaBloPoMo!

The One Word Meme

Yourself: Busy
Your partner: Amazing
Your hair: Straight
Your Mother: Generous
Your Father: Quiet
Your Favorite Item: Laptop
Your dream last night: Forgotten
Your Favorite Drink: Champagne
Your Dream Car: Motorcycle
Your Dream Home: Penthouse
The Room You Are In: Office
Your Ex: Friend
Your fear: Failure
Where you Want to be in Ten Years? Paradise
Who you hung out with last night: Family
What You're Not: Shy
Muffins: Big
One of Your Wish List Items: Peace
Time: Evening
The Last Thing You Did: Ate
What You Are Wearing: Sweater
Your favorite weather: Warm
Your Favorite Book: The Secret Garden
Last thing you ate: Tuna
Your Life: Good
Your mood: Improving
Your Best Friends: Moms
What are you thinking about right now: Life
Your car: Sweet
What are you doing at the moment: Writing
Your summer: Full
Relationship status: Married
What is on your TV: News
What is the weather like: Fall
When is the last time you laughed: Earlier

NaNoWriMo update I'm behind at 36, 269 words and tonight I have a board meeting to attend. It will be a miracle if I can write 3,000+ words after I get home at 10, but I'm certainly going to try!

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